Endeavour Advisors LLC was formed in 2014 to put some structure around a freelance consulting and contract work practice that I have been conducting for the last several years.

My name is Chris Noble and as is more fully outlined on the "About me" page I have extensive banking, treasury and risk management experience.  I have also held portfolio management, fund raising and investor relations positions.

I am available for short and medium term projects of the type outlined in this website.

If you need a knowledgeable, dependable and professional swing resource to help get a project done or to meet a seasonal or transactional need I am interested in hearing from you to discuss availability and terms. 

I am a seasoned deal guy who sweats the details and gets the job done.  My past roles have usually been those of a line business manager.  My orientation is revenue and profit generation.  I am experienced in projects that require capital markets experience, the ability to work across silos, project management expertise, and team work skills.