Banks and other Financial Institutions

I have spent most of my career working for banks and financial institution in various line manager roles navigating through the customer, accounting and regulatory challenges of the day.  I have extensive experience as a banker, syndications specialist and a treasurer with the structuring, underwriting, distribution and management of all forms of debt.  I am also a specialist in the distribution of risk using syndications, secondary asset sales, securitizations, credit derivatives, total return swaps and insurance linked securities. 

Swiss Re Financial Products housed many of Swiss Re's non-traditional businesses. Teams traded interest rate, credit, equity and weather derivatives.  Others traded various ABS securities.  SRFP underwrote and distributed catastrophe bonds for Swiss Re and other insurance companies.  As the Head of US Treasury I was responsible for funding a balance sheet that occasionally touched $20 billion and ensuring that SRFP had the trading facilities to support its activities.  As Liquidity Risk Officer I was responsible for accomplishing this in a stable, diversified fashion that could withstand singular shocks like 9/11 and general market disruptions like 2008.  

I am available as an experienced resource to assist you with:

     Business Analytics and Strategy

     Deal Origination

     Syndications and Risk Distribution

     Portfolio Management

     Project Management


     Risk Management
          Liquidity Risk Management
          Asset Liquidity Analysis
          Stress Testing